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Professional manufacturer and wholesale supplier of self adhesive vinyl film, lamination film, one way vision vinyl materials.

Professional Printable Vinyl Material Supplier

  1. Leading manufacturer in China
  2. 10+ years experience produced
  3. Free sample swatches supply
  4. Flexible OEM & ODM design
  5. Quality control and stability
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  7. Premium customer service

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Printable Adhesive Vinyl FAQ

The normal size is 0.914,1.07,1.27,1.37,1.52x50m, we can make customize size and brand.

The  SINOVINYL® printable adhesive vinyl with 6 advantages:
1. Removable:

When you stick on the wall, glass or any other smooth surface, you can remove it any time, and without the glue leave on the surface.

2. Friendly materials:

The SINOVINYL® graphic cutting vinyl raw material made by PVC and solvent glue, no smell, no formaldehyde.

3. Long durability:

Use for outdoor 2-3 years, for indoor up to 5 years.

4. Easy to application:

SINOVINYL® printable adhesive vinyl is easy for printing vinyl cutter plotter, easy to cut and application on the wall, glass or any other smooth surface.

5. A variety of styles:

With more than 10 styles, glossy and matte options.

6. Versatile widely use:

SINOVINYL® printable adhesive vinyl can be used in inkjet machines, cutting plotters, large promotional posters and glass decorations, home decor, furniture, car stickers and more.

Commonly used are cross-road bridge billboards, lamppost flags, road column flags, construction site fence advertisements, building construction frame advertisements, Optimus Prime billboards, light boxes, advertising stickers, body advertisements, tree screen advertisements, etc.

Self adhesive vinyl,transparent self adhesive vinyl,laser self adhesive vinyl,lamination Film,one way vision ects.

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Professional self adhesive vinyl film supplier

Why choose SINOVINYL

Quality Control and Stability

Each product is produced under strict quality control at every manufacturing process.

Fast Delivery

For small quantity order: lead time 2-3 days. For large quantity order: lead time 10-15 days.

Reasonable Price

We frequently strive to offer better, flexible and win-win price.

Premium Customer Service

Fast response within 24 hours. Excellent experience in customer service support from professional sales team.

Flexible OEM & ODM Design

Full OEM & ODM service to realize customer own brand packaging.

Professional Service Team

We have professional team to supply the best service for the customers.

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